So here I sit, in a room in desperate need of a good sweeping and mopping up, finally listening to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Stadium Arcadium, thinking it’s about time I had this blog updated. I suppose I could write about the presentations in college today. There will apparently be more coming, soon. Being made to sit inside the conference hall, sitting through a presentation and then being given our ten minutes ‘interactive’ time seems to be something I’m going to have to get used to, so I may as well get my opinions about it out there.

I’ll leave aside my thoughts on these seminars on general for now, for today the presenters were the second and third year OPJ students at Jain. Presentation after presentation it was, and I’m going to try and see if I  remember all the topic names.

The topics were on Propaganda, The History of Communication, Honour Killings, Female Infanticide, Global Warming, Drug Abuse, Celebrity Culture… and something about Poverty. Oh, and two songs thrown in to give our poor heads a break. I’m not sure it helped, but I appreciate the sentiment.

There was a lot of information thrown at us. A lot of numbers, graphs, statistics, and other informational tidbits. Lots and lots of it. And then some more!

I can’t in good conscience say I learned anything new. Did I know the exact details? The exact numbers? No. But I what did those numbers and details say?

“Use your own mind, don’t blindly accept things”

“Communication tech has become a lot more advanced than it used to be”

“Girl babies are killed. Boo”

“Global Warming Exists. Booo”

“Drugs exist”(this seminar was bad. They spoke of drugs, not drug abuse. Aren’t the assigned topics vague enough without the students getting them wrong? Even the “Boo” was only implied)

“People are poor. Boo”

“Human Trafficking Exists. We’re not happy”

“We’re still not sure what we feel about celebrities. Really. Lemme read some more Filmfare and get back to you”(it was rather dissapointing that the most heated debate came after this presentation)

I’m sorry. I’m belittling important issues, I know. But I don’t think I saw the issues being given the seriousness and focus they deserved in the conference hall today, either. Well, aside from one student.

I don’t know his name, and I neglected to find out(some journalism student I am). But he says he’s actually talked to girls involved in human trafficking, and when I say involved, I mean victims. He was passionate when he spoke of these girls. How it was unfair that they couldn’t ever return to normal society, for normal society points out the ones who are different and shames them. He spoke of the organizations he was involved with that actually reached out a hand and helped these girls.

He didn’t speak enough.


Why wasn’t he in charge of a presentation? Why didn”t he talk about human trafficking, about his experiences, about what’s really being done to help? Why weren’t we told things by people who cared about them?

Oh, um, well, the last part is because we’re being educated. It’s the purpose of educators everywhere – to bring us into contact with things we don’t care about in the hopes that education rubs off a bit.

The thing about this guy who got up and spoke, however, is that he told me things I didn’t know, and showed me harsh truths about people in ways I’d never cinsidered before, and it made me think. He got up to speak. This was a guy who, unlike all the others, had a point.

Which should have been there in the presentations.


It hit me, today, that we have endless seminars on creative writing, on leadership, on time management, and on human rights. But not a single one on research methods. Nor do we have any on presentations. Yet a big part of our grade is on how well we collect information, and how we present it. For us journalism students, especially, I can’t think of anything more vital, hell, the collection and presentation of information is the very DEFINITION of journalism as far as I can tell.

Yet somehow the 832nd seminar about how to be a real leader takes prominence, yet again. I fear for my education.


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  1. brilliant observation….. i concur wit u on several points…. shall try to implement ur suggestions…. Cheers SacH

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