C’est jour est aujourd’hui.

I don’t like speaking in absolutes, but that much, at least, is true.

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated this blog. So here we are with a new post! Once again, I come to a point in my life where I need to say something but have nothing much to say. I shall ramble until a point comes out. I have done so many times and shall do so again.

I was doing so last night. I have this Dictaphone that’s a part of my music player. I love that Dictaphone. For one, I now have the opportunity to secretly record the conversations of people around me without their knowledge! My enthusiasm for this has been lessened, somewhat, on realizing that the conversations of people around me are usually not worth the effort. The Dictaphone, does, however, allow me to keep a record of my thoughts when a pen or paper aren’t handy, or when I have thoughts moving too fast for my writing to keep up with.

Why am I capitalizing Dictaphone? Because the computer’s word check doesn’t accept it as a word otherwise.


I am no closer to writing something important than I was when I began.


Facebooking on the side doesn’t help.


Okay, to focus here. I see blank white spaces. I see endless buttons and links surrounding these spaces, all provided by wordpress to enhance my blogging experience. I’ve never given them a second look. The only sound in my ears is the music of a Matt Darey mix. My neck hurts, and after I type this out I need to do some shopping – me and my brother are out of food.

I believe I began this post by admitting to a discomfort with absolutes. Let’s talk a bit about that.

I am not completely comfortable with most absolute statements. See? I was going to type “I don’t like absolute statements”, but I wasn’t comfortable with that statement. I think a lot of confusion has grown – gah. There it is again. Absolute statements are easy to make. One can’t help making them. I made two more, right there, and this one is a third. I shall try to stop keeping count.

I like a sentence that doesn’t rigidly define what reality is. There are a lot of variables involved in any situation in one’s daily life, I think, and absolute statements suggest that one is aware and has accounted for all of these variables. I can’t speak for other people, but I wouldn’t know where to even begin keeping track of these variables. So rather than make statements that deny these variables their existence, I try to come up with sentences that leave things open-ended, leave room for a variable to pop up and go “I apply to this sentence too!” without ruining what I had intended that sentence to say.


It’s something I’m trying to keep in mind. Remember to do. A lot of confusion can come out of making a lot of absolute statements. You find that you contradict yourself. You find you say things you don’t really mean. You find that you’re confused about what it is you really mean in the first place.

Mostly, you just find that the absolute statement you made is wrong.

That being said, when you do find an absolute statement that you CAN stand behind 100%, it’s amazing to have that much confidence behind a sentence. It’s a rock, in a world of uncertainty. Cling to these statements, my readers. Cling to them, write them down, and refer to them in times of trouble.

In the words of the immortal(and, let’s not forget, fictional) Saint Walker –

All will be well.


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