Ce jour est aujourd’hui.

And this morning, I missed my bus. Why? Because a parade of youthful, loud, grinning people waving indian flags was crowding up the street. Buses just moved on, they weren’t stopping in the middle of THAT crowd. Why, some of them were on motorbikes – patriotism and motorbikes, this morning, didn’t seem to be a very safe combination.

So, as a journalism student, I figure I am supposed to have hard hitting opinions on current events around me, and we all know this morning’s parade was brought to me by India’s latest fast-happy patriot, Anna Hazare. The basic gist of what he’s doing right now, summarized by a helpful classmate whose word I shall readily accept, is that he’s currently fasting for the right to fast.

I scanned a few headlines yesterday. That seemed more or less true.

The essence of things seems to be that Mr. Hazare will be screwing around with his health and comfort until the government agrees to his demands.

The way I’m seeing it is this – Mr. Hazare is throwing a tantrum until he gets what he wants. Forget the fact that what he wants is a noble endeavor(in theory at least. Nothing’s perfect). He is ruining his health until he gets what he wants. And if he falls sick, dies, or if anything else happens to him, it will be on the government’s head, and big time. Can you imagine the outraged voices rising up from the streets?

The traffic?

The statements and articles and words and canceled schools and closed shops?

It’s annoying to think of.

This isn’t the way things should be done. This isn’t the way a system should work. This is the easy way of doing things – shout loud enough, be dramatic enough, and get things your way?

What if everyone did that?

What would we be reduced to?


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