An Ideal World.

Look at the title. It’s big, it’s bold(I’m assuming, WordPress has never let me down on this so far), and it’s right there on top. Think of this. Allow the words to settle in your mind, then allow your mind to set off probes into all the infinity your limitations allow you to reach for, and when the probes come back, take a good look at them and search for what your idea of an ideal world is.

Don’t bother telling me what you come up with, though, this post is all about me, me, me, me. And my thoughts.

It was in class today that the subject of one’s Ideal World came up. I’m not sure why. Or  even where the class and the discussion led to, I never pay much attention anyway. But still – the idea of and Ideal World charmed my thinking process for all of thirty minutes.

My thoughts thus far amount to this: We all have an ideal in world in mind, whether or not we’re aware of it. I think that whatever it is that templates our personality also serves as a template for our ideals, and, by extension our ideal of what an ideal world ought to be. Whatever it is that makes us us is what also makes up our ideal universe(I need synonyms for ‘world’. Ideal… universe, place, surroundings, environment, cosmic crib… okay, cool, I’m set).

So, if this theory holds, then each and every one of us have an idea of how we think things ought to be. Everytime we are sad, or angry, or unhappy in any way, whatsoever, really, it is because things are not the way we feel they ought to be. Everything we do is either a step towards this ideal world, or a reaction to the actual world being or not being so.

The tragedy is this – No two ideals match. You would think that eeeveryone would want the same thing, like say, world peace, but then you find out that no two people have the same idea of what a peaceful world would actually be like. Some would insist on raising the world to live without a need for violence in any form at all, others say it’s no kind of ideal world at ALL if you can’t watch some Hollywood action star kill hundreds of people with his bare knuckles on screen. It all differs. Hell. Bring it all out into the open, and people’s very ideas of right and wrong are at unique as their fingerprints, if not more so(because, after all, fingerprints kinda DO look all the same, whereas with moral guiding principles, you don’t always need to look too closely to see they differ).

So. I’m going to write about an ideal cosmic crib. I’m going to make a list of 50 things that I believe would make the world an ideal place to live in. Yes, that’s right, 50 things, because excessive vagueness is a habit I must learn to break. I won’t post the list here. Because my ideal world may not necessarily reflect my ideal ME. My ideal universe is based on who I AM, NOW, my ideal self is based on who I want to be. My self as it is now is hardly the ideal I wish it to be. Therefore my current self probably has some ideals that, ideally, I’d be ashamed of.


This is going to be quite an eye-opening exercise indeed. I seek to use this list of 50 things to gain insight into who exactly it is that I am. What are the things that make up my self. How much of me I am ashamed of, how much I am proud of, and how much of it helps explain my love for teeth-rotting candy. I give myself a week for the creation of this list. I know not what I’ll put on it.

I do know this, however –

In an ideal world, people can fly.


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