Of defining relationships

This is in response to my friend’s blog at http://www.tranamotazzy.blogspot.com

She called for discussion – are relationships better defined or left undefined? She was of the opinion that the latter causes complications.

My opinion?

Relationships need to be defined. It’s easy to confuse that with, say, the labelling of a relationship.
Most relationships happen automatically, and are as varied as people themselves are. Friendships, familial relations, teacher-student relations – these are easy to maintain, don’t need a lot of definition, mainly because they’re so casual.

The deeper you go into a relationship, the more complicated it gets – because there are more things to consider. It becomes a LOT more important to consider the other person’s feelings, thoughts, expectations, and communicating your own becomes important because, sadly, nobody’s as good at mind reading as they ought to be.
What needs to be defined are things like what you want out of the relationship, how much you’re going to depend on the other person, how much responsibility you have towards each other.

These are things most people don’t really consider because, honestly, they’ve never really had to.


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