Letter-Journals – How they work and why they’re pleasant(snappier sounding adjective pending)

Letter-journals isn’t the official name for it. That, I just made up. Still. Here’s how they work –

  1. Buy a notebook. Write the name of one person on the cover. Or inside the cover on the first page. Get as creative as you want about it – paint it in, sketch it up, fancy glitter glue, or go ahead and just write it in big letters if you have no time for any of the above. The point is that this notebook is for one person, and that person alone.
  2. Carry this notebook around with you wherever you go. This notebook is a surrogate person – your friend, your partner, your brother/sister/aunt/uncle/cousin can’t be with you? The notebook that represents them is. Whenever you catch yourself wishing you could talk to them about something, open up your notebook, pen down the date and write down whatever it is you wish to say. If you’re at a place you just know the notebook’s intended recipient would love, sit down with your notebook and describe it to them.
  3. Ignore weird looks from people, and be as polite as you can to the more nosy ones who want to know what you’re writing and if you’re a journalist and do you want to know how to spell their names right? Whatever you do, WHATEVER YOU DO, do NOT ask “So do you spell that with one ‘a’ or two?”
  4. You don’t have to fill the notebook with just writing. You can fill it with anything that fills up a notebook – ticket stubs(Dear X, today, I watched Step Up 4 with my friends, you would have loved it), shopping bills(Dear X, today, I offer tangible proof to your longtime question about where all my money goes), a leaf from a tree under which you had a particularly peaceful afternoon – creativity is always a bonus. The notebook is a gift. Make it as special as possible.
  5. When the notebook is all filled up, mail it. This will be the hardest part, and not just because you have no idea whatsoever how to even find the nearest post office. It takes at least a month or two to fill the notebook up completely, and even if it does happen to take a lot less time(you diligent dedicated hard worker, you), you will have devoted a lot of time and energy to a project that’s based on nothing but how much you care about your intended recipient, and sending it away is like posting off a tiny little piece of your heart. However, if you’re lucky – you get another notebook back, and that more than makes up for everything. It will be one of the most precious things you own.

Aside from your collection of Buffy DVDs covering seasons 1-7, and if you disagree, can I have them?


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