Nerdy Fan Excitement

Alright. I have left this off for too long. I need this to become a daily thing – a daily writing thing. I need to be a daily writer. So, so, so – it is 9:43 AM on my computer clock. From now until 10:43 AM, I shall write out words. Continuously. Well, assuming this computer doesn’t freeze up on me(which is tends to do). And I shall do this everyday, for a week. Then we shall see about changing things, perhaps adding some structure to what I’m writing ABOUT. But for now, this blog post has as much chance of being about cucumbers as it does about stories, or comics, or anything that’s been awesome and important to me in the last few days. 
I am, quite honestly, tempted to begin writing about cucumbers for those who don’t believe I have anything much to say about them, especially if I wish to do an hours worth of writing. But a spiteful blog post involving cucumbers does nobody any good, really, so I suppose the Comic Con’s as good a place to start as any. 

Bangalore Comic Con. Bangalore’s second ever Comic Con, and of course, I was there. The Con covered Saturday and Sunday and I was there all day, both days. I had planned costumes for both days, but as the ginormous procrastinator this blog attests to me being, I hadn’t had the second costume ready in time, and the first was… a bit of a shabby mess, let me be honest with you. The best part of my first costume was in fact done by some friends of mine who came as Mystique and Azazel – I was Nightcrawler, and honestly, Nightcrawler’s not Nightcrawler without the tail. In addition, I wanted to paint my eyelids yellow because Kurt has those pupil-less yellow eyes, only I went overboard with the yellow face paint and ended up looking like a fluorescent clown fish. But as soon as my friends got me that tail, boom! Everyone wanted a picture, everyone knew who I was, and I regretted more than ever not having that “BAMF!” poster made. My Venom cosplay didn’t pan out, either, so the second day, I just went as the Amazing Volunteer Man! 
Alright, to be honest, I was merely Adequate Volunteer Man, but if comic books have taught me anything, it’s to use superlative adjectives whenever possible. And comics have certainly taught me that anything is possible, really. 
The limits of possibility certainly didn’t seem to be on the minds of the Con’s AMAZING cosplayers this year, who did everything from stitching their own clothes to crafting their own functional armour complete with glowy lights and mobility.

Lesse, I started writing about it in a notebook here, when the magic was still fresh in my mind – lemme see if I can find it here. 

Ah yes. Here we go. 

“…what I’ll never forget is that feeling of pure shock and awe when you see someone in a cosplay so awesome it literally takes your breath away. Or that feeling when someone puts together such a creative idea you have to run up to them just to tell them how much you love their inventiveness in cosplay. Or, and this is the best one, that feeling when you see someone dressed as a character from something so close to your heart that just by seeing that person you’ve forged that special connection that all die-hard fans have. “

I’m not putting the rest in because I may have gone on a bit about a few of the girls there whose presence.. enchanted me. One had pinwheels in her hair and the brightest, most joyful face you ever did see. If living joyfully was a profession, you could tell that this girl had her Ph.D in smiling with bright shiny eyes and seven years experience in brightening up a room. Which sounds like a line, I admit, and I should be worthy of better lines than THAT if lines are what I am doing, but sh. I’ve already written too much about a complete total stranger who nonetheless made a long, tiring day suddenly not seem tiring at all anymore. 

Bangalore has an amazingly strong fanbase. Not just for comics, but for all kinds of nerdy pop-culture, anime in particular. The dedication you can feel shining of the anime fans(as evidenced by the work they put into incredibly complicated costumes) always makes me feel regretful I can’t bring myself more into the genre, like I’m missing out on something huge – which is not doubt exactly what they’d tell me. Repeatedly. And in as much detail as they can without giving away spoilers which, from what I’ve seen of anime, could be a great many superlative details indeed, because if there’s one impression I get from anime, it’s that nothing’s ever done half way. Or even all the way. The way is left far behind for something for something that’s beyond words and can only be expressed as a grand multitude of exclamation marks.
(hee. and now I’m picturing a grand multitude of exclamation marks gathered in a busy subway station, impatiently checking their watches and carrying skinny little briefcases)

I cannot express enough how much effort people put into their costumes for no return whatsoever(well, alright, there was a costume competition but honestly? Nobody really dressed up just for that. Or even for that at all). People who had worked for months on costumes made from scratch with materials I didn’t even know existed. And then there were people who used a simple concept to just get that one look and they pulled it of just right. A girl dressed as Death, from the Sandman comics, is one that stands out particularly in my mind. I despise myself for not having a camera with me. 

I was mostly selling merchandise at a stall, yesterday – I’m not the world’s greatest salesman, but I am pretty sure I did a decent job. It hurts your heels, standing all day, but that’s really the toughest part. I was not about to try and convince people to buy things I couldn’t afford without at least three months of very clever saving up, but for those interested I answered questions, handed them the merchandise to take a closer look at(a difficult task on the first day, operating with only three fingers) and ran up their bills when a purchase finally was made.

Alright. This is awkward talking about, but I want it out there – to me, nothing is more attractive to me in a girl than nerdy fan excitement. It’s a special look that sees a certain comic book or piece of merchandise or, of course, a cosplay – the eyes light up with the sheer thrill of something that has a special place in their heart that’s now there, in front of them, in a tangible appreciable form. The girl with pinwheels in her hair shone with it. It was all over the con, and my heart went out to every single person in who’s eyes I saw it in. It is that look, that look alone, that Comic Cons were created out of, and aspire to achieve. And did. Man, did they ever. 

It’s 10:36 now. I’m fine with 53 minutes worth – that’s a good a place to end this post as any. 


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